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Street Smarts

Street Smarts Street Smarts is an interactive program featuring 3 video lessons and reinforcement activities which culminates in the block-busting game Walk this Way. Aimed at a 10-12 year-old audience, the program addresses pedestrian safety around trains, busses, walking without adults, role modeling for younger kids, and being safe by putting away digital devices (phones, Mp3 players etc.).
Kohl’s Cares for Kids Safety

  Whether you’re taking road trips, visiting neighborhood playgrounds or just hanging out at home, your kids might not always know what’s safe. Learn simple things you can do to keep your child safe and injury-free wherever he or she is.
  Now is the time to teach your child about safety hazards on the playground, in the pool, and on the streets and sidewalks. New moms and dads will find loads of need-to-know tips to keep baby safe. Get safety advice, answers to common questions, and fun activities here.
  Kids! Play Get Your Gear On!, a bike safety game. Bike to school, race in the park and dress up your character with cool safety gear. Have fun and always play safely!
  Parents: Is your child using the right size car seat or booster seat for his or her age, weight and height? Iis it facing the right way? Find out now with the Car Seat Calculator.

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June 1 - Car Seat Check West Salem

June 6 - Car Seat Check Appleton

June 7 - Car Seat Check Wausau

June 8 - Car Seat Check Onalaska

June 17 - Car Seat Check Marinette

June 17 - Splash into Safety Wausau

June 19-23 - Safety City Wisconsin Rapids

June 20 - Car Seat Check Marshfield

June 28 - Car Seat Check TBD


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